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the deficit? paul ryan says no. >> at least budgets are passing around here for a change. the government's going to have to learn to do more with less, it's not the government's money, it's the people's money. >> the senate democrats are considering a number of balances ever-- >> and house committee chair paul ryan telling us republicans and democrats are still world's apart. well, that is an understatement. we saw that just an hour ago. the democratic-led senate defeating the ryan house budget 40-59. so is there any hope left? here is congressman paul ryan. >> great to see you. >> great it to see you again. >> greta: i want to talk about the budget that passed today, i imagine you're happy. >> we're very happy. we passed a balanced budget and it's important we owe the country a reasonable plan and grows the economy. balancing the budget is not just a statistical exercise it's the necessary means to a healthier economy, it creates more jobs and helps people keep more of hard earned money and a contrast to the other budgets that are passing. at least budgets are passing here for a change,
the "wall street journal," columnist says something has changed, a line has been crossed. does it feel that way in washington? >> now, i think so republicans learned a pretty good lesson this week. the president overhyped this thing electing like y 2 q, he couldn't back up his -- y2k ands president's bluff. we're not talking about a massive cut here in spending. we're talking about a minor cut in the growth of spending. i think our country wants to see us get serious about spending and i think the party learned a good lesson to stand up to the president, being very clear offering solutions to problems. at the end of the day if the president isn't willing to lead and anything he is interested in campaigning earnings this we have to stick together and show the american people that we're not going to drive this country into the ground. >> dana: one of the things i have seen from democrats and even just outside of the party politics, from the left is that we actually don't have a spending problem. this is a new talking point. just looking at the polls, actually one thing americans can agre
the expansion of medicaid, and governor rick scott of florida has changed his mind and governor chris christie i don't know if he's changed his mind, but accepting that medicaid. why do you think those two governors are doing it and why aren't you? >> well, we looked at this rather intently. the legislature just offer the course of the last 24 hours in texas and the republican caucus overwhelmingly support the position of not expanding medicaid. it is a broken system. we have asked the federal government for years to allow us the flexibility to be able to put these programs into place, but the fact is, it's a broken system. it's going to cost trillions of dollars to implement this program. but texans are not going to be black mailed into expanding a program, but that the federal government is telling us they're giving us all of this free money. greta. they can't keep criminals in jail today, much less be able to have extra money to pass out to these states. so the idea that money is going to be available for expanded medicaid is a pipe dream. >> greta: all right, are you saying that governor ric
're in favor of changes on medicare, we don't know what his changes are, if he's in favor of them and says he is, then let's pass those rather than waiting. let's move forward on the common ground. >> and he said? >> he said no. my argument is barack obama is clearer on revenue than his demand for revenues, than he is on, you know, our policies as it relates to iran. there's more clarity about his desire for more revenue than any other theme coming out of his administration. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and coming up, yes, he really side president obama saying we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. senator john thune is on the finance committee. what do you think of that statement, is there an immediate crisis or not? >> it's amazing what a deaf ear the president has to what's going on around us. 16.7 trillion dollars in debt will add 10 trillion dollars to it over the next decade and while the president's been in office we've added 6 trillion dollars to the debt and he also made the comment, in the last couple of days, that he didn't want to balance the budge
successful in getting elected, governor ronald reagan, governor george w. bush. politics changes and the question is people are going to be looking at republican nominees from the perspective do they have the ability to lead the country. are they a leader? some of them bike bobby jindal or mickey haley or martinez of new mexico or john kasich or governor snyder, all these people may be able to emphasize their experience but also marco rubio, you mentioned. rand paul is going may be a candidate. i think at some point for the top spot but the second part, senator from new hampshire and governor chris christie, if he gets re-elected is going to be a player if he wants to be a player. >> greta: do you see a bigger role for the people that identify themselves as tea party candidates or do you think that freshly in light of the recent rnc report certain things like suggesting perhaps fewer debates which may be more difficult for less well known candidate. what do you see looking into the future? >> a dozen debates is going to be adequate for anybody to get known. 22 hurt the republican
this to believe it. >> seeing the voyage of the starship enterprise. never ending mission to force changes, to boldly go where no government employee has gone before. >> the irs under fire for this training video that parodies "star trek," costing tens of thousands of dollars. >> serve you coffee while you wait, sir, it's better than mcdonald's and twice the price. >> it's bad and makes you want to pull your hair out. >> back in russia, i dream some day i'd be rich and famous. >> me, too, that's why i became a public servant. >> not trying to get all, but got to give props. spent almost a million on clowns, mind readers and-- >> ♪ love to the nation, never be under investigation ♪ . >> greta: paul prouty the regional commissioner did lose his job. >> ♪ oh, oh ♪ >> tsa says he known or should have known about the questionable or excessive expenditures. ♪ i got that ♪ >> he got his job back. >> previously on the amazing race. >> cbs, idiotic, stupid, take that show and shove it. >> we apologize to veterans. >> we didn't see this coming. there's no harm in saying, you're screwed
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? >> yes. >> during that story change, one of the things that-- what the defendant told you was that this story about the strangers was fiction, correct? >> correct. >> and that in fact, she had been the one to actually kill mr. alexander. >> yes. >> and you didn't administer another pt test. >> and brian is live from phoenix with the latest. tell me this witness, many people thought did a reasonably good job under direct examination and the defense lawyer. what happened when the prosecution got his hands on him? >> well, you said it there, greta. it really wasn't so much what he testified about, but what he didn't testify about and when it came to cross examination that became clear. you had that correct sound bite there with basically him admitting the test he conducted to initially diagnose her with ptsd and he knew she answered some of the questions wrong and acknowledged maybe i should have readministered the test. and that doesn't bode well for the dense defense and what the prosecutor hit them with being inaccurate. >> greta: some things sort of goes by and nobody pay
: what does congress have to do to change this? >> i think congress has to acknowledge the fact it's not all powerful. that there are limitations what congress can do, and also on what it should be doing front a constitutional standpoint. >> you spoke today about civil society at cpac, where is the civil society? and talking in congress? >> talking about institution office civil society. those things that exist outside of government, that have made our country prosperous and free and successful for centuries. things that don't rely on government. things that exist because we're free. >> greta: i asked speaker gingrich about cpac. what is the purpose or the point or the relevance of cpac. >> a place where conservatives can gather outside of any political party construct, where conservatives can share ideas. he mentioned the great ronald reagan made some important appears at cpac in his national political clear, and helped launch a movement, and there's sort of a conservative renaissance going on right now of its own kind, and it's a good thing to be part of. >> greta: straw poll, is
if the minimum wage goes up, we'll have to make some drastic changes. >> greta: what is the the job that the minimum workers-- minimum wage workers have in your business? >> their job is to take the order, fill the order, greet the customer, and ring it up, and you know, send them on their way. >> greta: and i take it, i mean, if there's some sort of technology or something that you could do to replace them, is that it? i mean, a lot of people can't be replaced by robots or technology? >> well, not everybody can be replaced by technology, but you know, with pa small business you're looking to make small changes to help your bottom line, and if i reduce half or more than that of some of the customer service employees, instead of having two people up front, one person taking orders and one filling orders or ringing them up, i could simply have something like an ipad or tablet of some type where you could punch in what you want because the cupcakes are already on display, you can do wonderful things with technology and save the labor rates. >> greta: is there any way if minimum wage is
its neighbors and nothing since kim jong un took power after the death of his father has changed. if anything, it's gotten worse. they've restricted the border to prevent north korean refugees from coming out and tested the nuclear device for the third time and there's every indication, increased cooperation with iran and i think the threat is growing larger and what vladimir lenin called useful idiots who go to north korea, eric schmidt of google, and dennis rodman played for fools by the north korean regime. >> greta: i've been there three times and i don't know if i'm one of the useful fools. >> you report things as you see them as opposed to the propaganda that these people are simply transmitting. >> greta: this is the -- this is probably the worst place on earth. i mean, these people have no free thought. >> it's a prison camp. >> greta: it is a large prison camp and we've been unable to bust through and have any communication. he is testing nuclear weapons. he's a threat to the whole region. he's a threat to south korea, japan, you know, and we have no idea what's going on
since he took power, after the death of his father has changed f. anything, it has gotten worse. they have restricted the border more. they have tested their nuclear twice for the third time. there is every indication of increased cooperation with iran. so i think the threat is growing larger. yet, what vladimir lennon called useful idiotses who go to north korea, eric schmitt of google, dennis rodman, the new york phil harmonic, used and played for fools. >> i have been there three times. i don't know if i am one of those useful fools. >> you report things out you see them, as oppose to the propaganda that these people are transmitting. >> this is probably the worst place on earth. i mean, these people have no free thoughts. >> it's a large prison camp. >> we have been unable to bust through. he is testing nuclear weapons. he's a threat to the region, south korea, japan. you know, we have -- we have no idea what is going on there. >> li think, as i say, we can have all the communication with him that we want. it is an illusion to believe that even with a lot of communication th
and they are changing this and as we've seen from obama this is the fourth year out of five he hasn't put a budget out. >> you know, the federal budget is enormously complicated, but not as though it's a big surprise that's due or surprise that they could have had an alternate and not like there isn't a big staff to do it. >> sure, it's interesting because in past years, except for the very first year, it was a week or two late. this time it's more than two months late and other presidents fallen into april and may and george w. bush and president clinton and both times did it when they were first going into office and this time, i mean, obviously the president has been in office. >> do you have any sense that the administration might be a tad bit embarrassed that the house and senate can get those ahead of them. >> if they do, certainly not showing it. we heard from the white house briefing, this is congress's fault, over the sequester and fiscal cliff, this is not our fault basically is what we're hearing. >> greta: jeremy, nice to see you. a high school student says she was punished and flunked for
killer testifying in her own defense for 18 long days, but now, the video that could change your mind about jodi arias, cameras rolling in the police interrogation room capturing arias's bizarre behavior. >> this is a really trivial question and reveal how shallow i am. but before-- can i clean myself up a little bit. >> . [singing] . [singing] >> correspondent adam housley joins us, me, what is the background of the tape from? >> in far north california. investigators knew they had a palm print of her, knew she was lying and from the arizona and mesa area and providing the camera. the video, our producer asked for it. and as you can see, there are odd things she does in the room and goes along with the story of what happened to travis alexander and the trial itself. as you mentioned 18 days on the stand where even the jurors in arizona are allowed to ask her questions are skeptical of her story. investigators were skeptical of the story from the beginning and she's had unbelievable claims and then you see that maybe this is all backed up by her behavior in in video. i mean, just han
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every penny and they may change their tune after taxpayers start reading about this. not much they can do once the benefits have been promised. >> greta: the numbers are jaw dropping, i think, for most. i think most government or state government employees for this type of pension. as always, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: what should be done about the huge pensions. should the state try to reduce them so the state does not actually go bankrupt or a deal is a deal and the state should just keep paying them. go to and tell us. there's more trouble for obamacare, a republican congressman raising flags about voter registration questions, included in the health benefit. and taking it directly to the health and human services and joining us ellyse. >> hi, greta. >> greta: what is the objection this congressman has? >> he's looking at a draft of the application of benefits under obamacare, the federal exchanges, medicare expansion and leafing through the pages, and comes across the question would you like to register to vote and he thinks it's fishy and he sends a le
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is that we don't see from the president any structural changes in this unsustainable course on the entitlement. >> we see the request for more and more taxes at a time we just raised taxes 620 billion dollars. we believe that obamacare is it a program that will not work. we believe obamacare will actually leave the hospitals, doctors, health care providers, turning people away. >> and first tonight, a new record, but it's not a good one. more than 47 million americans on food stamps in the month of december. a new department of agriculture report showing in 2012 the food stamp program was the biggest it's ever been. why? because it's bigger need or the government has made such a mess of it. and joining us former presidential candidate herman cain is here. >> thank you, greta, happy to be here. >> greta: sir, why have food stamps programs exploded? because more people are needy and hungry and we're reaching them or because because the government made a mess of the program? >> because the federal government made a mess of the program by exploiting the program and exploiting th
not every bill is read boy everyone. but when you have a 2800-page bill that is going to dramatically change how we do things, you ought to have i. we should have. a the love this is regulations. a lot of this is going to be brought about as a result of rules written by people -- >> we never voted for. >> that's right. rules that -- incidentally are coming very, very late. there is a letter sent by the chairman of the house small business committee today to secretary sebelius saying, look, you were supposed to have the small business exchange to allow small businesses to have a marketplace to purchase insurance. it was supposed to be up and operating by now. you don't appear to be anywhere close to having this up by the time it should be. >> can this be fixd? all of these problems? or is this going to implode on us? >> my personal view, i think this is going to be far more expensive than we thought. and -- funneled by red ink. it is going to turn out to be very damaging to people, getting health insurance. think about this, if the average cost today of a policy for a familiarly of four is $1
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.o.p. party as a party of stuffy old men and the g.o.p. party is trying to change that perception and some setting the stag >> it is an honor to be here. we can come together, folk, for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven know, we need this. so much of what has happened in our national conversations these days is anything but. remember no drama obama. if only, now it's all drama obama. we don't have leadership coming out of washington. we have reality television. >> someone needs to turn tale and run the other way. some wanted us to change our values and our principles. right? others said, let's talk about, hold off for four years and regroup. tempting as that may sound, this is not what we do as freem freedom-loving americans. >> in merks we need to talk about things that are relevant to where people are and we need to be optimistic and relevant. but most importantly, we need to be courageous. >> we need to find ways to empower to leave poverty. we need to find ways to empower small businesses to create jobs. we need to find ways to get government out of the w
-page bill that's going to dramatically change things, or have an idea what's in it. >> and a lot of this is regulation, and a lot of this is brought about by a result of rules written by people we don't know. >> greta: we never voted for. >> and rules incidentally are coming very, very late. there's a letter sent by the chairman of the house small business committee today to secretary sebelius saying look, you were supposed to have the small business exchange to allow small businesses to have a marketplace to purchase insurance supposed to be up and operating by now. you don't appear to be anywhere close to having this exchange up and operating by the time it should be. >> greta: can this be fixed all of these sort of problems or just implode on us? >> my personal view is i think this thing is going to turn out to be far more expensive than we thought and funneled by red ink and going to turn out to be very damaging to people getting health insurance from their company. think about this, if the average cost today after policy for a family of four is $15,000 which about 11,500 com
things will change by the time they get there, pastor. >> it might be, but this is an exciting experience in citizenship for them, that they've raised an issue and it's brought a lot of comment and a lot of exposure to them. i think they feel really good that as young people, this nation can debate its issues and they can be part of that. it's good experience for them. >> it's a good experience for them and maybe, a good lesson for us. anyway, pastor, thank you, sir. >> thank you, bye. >> now, some republican lawmakers are blasting the white house decision to suspend public tours and they're going directly to president obama for answers. senator john barrasso joins us, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: you were on the floor, i should add helping out senator rand paul. >> i was there for the last three and three quarters hours and remarkable job and deserved the answers and got them. you're part of the group that sent a letter about the white house tour. why did you do it. >> i've been getting calls and staff, and planning to come here families for the spring break. some
change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >> there is a program that supplies phones to low-income americans. the law doesn't say they have to be alive. but don't you think someone in the government would figure this out? >> thank you for having me. >> okay. we are really sending phones to dead people. >> this is a constituent-driven issue. i have a lot of calls, letters, complaints, people saying, hey, my deceased father eye got a free cell phone like this one. blackberry. i had people writing me, telling me they remember getting phones unsolicited. every time that someone gets one of these cell phones, the federal government pace about $10 for the service. in recent years, this program has gotten out of control. it's over $1 billion. >> i have a record here that says the u.s. government spent $2.2 billion to provide phones to low-income americans. >> that's right. it continues to go up. wastes,
forward. >> i believe the attitude of the house leadership is changing when it comes to benghazi, they're going to be more aggressive. you make a good point u i've written cia director brennan, secretary of state john kerry provide the names to the congress and interview them and see what happened. the story told by the white house after the attack doesn't hold water. >> greta: everyone writes letter. letters never get answered unless you're in the majority party. >> my democrats in congress show me interest in getting to the bottom of benghazi. and the one thing republicans can do is use the leverage they have in the house to subpoena these survivors so we'll find out what happened that night. i guarantee there are people wanting to talk, but are afraid to talk and a subpoena would make a difference. >> are you going to do anything, encourage the house to do that? >> i'm going to meet with the house leadership tomorrow, hoping they will take up the benghazi cause. look how far we've come from what the story was told by susan rice. look what we found out by pushing on this show and oth
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)